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The Game of Life – A Basketball Workshop

“For me, basketball wasn’t just a game. It was THE game, the game of life. Through basketball, I experienced life in all its glory – successes and failures, expectations and disappointments, fears and hopes, sadness and joys. Through the years it became clear that basketball is a wonderful gift which allowed me to learn about myself and life, and mainly grow and evolve as a human being.” (An excerpt from The Game of Life)

In a special and unique workshop, which includes a basketball game, Doron will share the story of his career and teach the fundamentals of the game. Through the game, Doron will touch on issues such as coping with crises, taking responsibility, creating change, self-empowerment, determination and perseverance, joy and creativity, patience and faith.

It is an inspiring, thought provoking talk. In his own unique manner, Doron uses the basketball game as an allegory for life and utilizes it as an educational and therapeutic tool that can help us win a much greater, more significant game than the one played on the basketball courts – a game he refers to as The Game of Life.

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