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The meaning of the name: "Hyuli"

The "Hyuli" in the books of Kabbalah is the first material and the one from which the world was created. In the story of the world creation, this force is described as the moment of transition from nothingness, to a material form. In the human spirit, the Hyuli force is the moment of change, rebirth. In fact, this is the root of the power of choice in a person.

The Hyuli element is essentially the point at which nothingness ends and material begins; it represents the link between the real world and the invisible infinite. This is the time of transformation, rebirth, and breakthrough.

Hyuli - accommodation, workshops and treatments

Man is an amazing and complex creature, which includes different layers - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and more. Our premise is that illness is not an accident. Every illness is a signal coming from the body whose purpose is to make us stop and observe - whether and where we deviated from the right path for us, and what we must do to return to it. 

Sometimes the required change is small, which does not require special effort, and sometimes it is inclusive and applies to all levels of life. In a certain sense, the disease can be seen as a gift that a person receives, because if it had not knocked on his door, he might not have awakened to change.

And what is the change that the person needs, in order to return to his health? How a person would know where he deviated from his path, and in which areas he should make changes?

In the demanding and abrasive routine of life, it is almost impossible to honestly observe our life, and it is even more difficult to bring about fundamental and essential change and healing within and during it. Temporarily disconnecting from the routine and going out into the nature - constitute fertile ground for honest, in-depth and distraction-free observation mode, which allows a process of real change to take place.

In our home in Moshav Amirim immersed in the magical Galilean landscape, we established Hyuli, a place where people can come and receive guidance and support in order to gain insights, advice and tools to go through a process that aims to lead to a happier and more balanced healthy life.

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