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From Grief to Growth
A guided healing project for groups and individuals
Of the October
 7th attack

Due to the essential and growing need for finding various ways for healing and rehabilitation, we started the guided healing project for groups and individuals—“From Grief to Growth”.

The workshop aims to give a protective and inclusive space for all participants, to provide tools to help process the trauma, to plant seeds of hope and help build ways to productively handle the new reality in a way that will promote rejuvenation and recovery. 

Throughout the workshop, we will learn natural and accessible ways to create balance and to further strengthen the spiritual mindset,we will get to know various tools to handle the new reality around us, to find the strength to rise stronger from the crisis, to function at full potential once again, and most importantly, to choose life.

The workshop’s duration is 4 days (Monday to Thursday)
It is limited to 10 participants
And takes place in Moshav Amirim, "Hyuli" Compound
It includes: boarding, meals, physical activity, lessons and practical seminars


The project is accompanied by a psychotherapist who specializes in individual and group trauma therapy

The workshop is meant for those who were affected by the terrorist attacks in the southern part of the country, to those who were at the Nova Festival, family members of those affected, soldiers, first responders and bereaved families

The project includes daily workshops and one-on-one, personal aid given to participants throughout the following year  

The workshop is fully subsidized for the participants through outside donations


For donations:
(Safe and tax-deductible)
In the payment form, please mark the donation: ”From Grief to Growth"



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Dearest and most beloved Doron Sheffer and Sheffer family. First, I’d like to tell you that, on a personal level—and I do mean personal—I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you and Talia are. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you, too, for everything from “Hayuli” and the compound as a whole. Thank you for the way you opened your hearts and let us all in. Actions and words will forever fall short… but, we simply love you. And love you. And love you. 
In some way—in a divine way—you know how to love and give and connect to other people. Your kindness is natural. So, may God give you kindness in return tenfold, and more-so for your inner spirituality. Every person who was at that party knows well how little outward looks matter…
I’ll be happy to donate and give back…
And, God willing, may we be able to grow from this soon, and only for the better.


Dear and beloved Doron and Talia

I wanted to tell you thank you again for the hospitality and inclusivity, for everything I learned from you—and it was much. I had a great time and it was a privilege to get to know you both and be so inspired by you. You’re unique and special. I'm going to miss you.


Dear Doron and Talia
A massive thank you
Thank you for a week filled with new experiences
Thank you for a week of being able to disconnect from all that was bad only to return stronger
Thank you for the privilege of reaching faith through joy
Thank you for the amazing, delicious food (meat, by the way, wasn’t missed at all). Everything was fantastic.
Thank you for the pool
Thank you for your smiles throughout the whole day
Thank you for the healing
Thank you for the embrace and the pure connection
Even if there were parts of the workshop that worked less well for me, this week still taught me many different things
One thing, however, it really brought home:
And that’s to always look inwards
If there is something that is causing me to feel uncomfortable, then I first need to identify that the discomfort is coming from me, 
Then act
Always look inward

Thank you for the insights about life and faith and spirituality and nature

I appreciate and love you all
It’s incredible that no matter how many times I say thank you, it will still fall short from everything I went through with you

Thank you

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