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Doron Sheffer

Speaker, Life Coach, Workshop Presenter & Writer

I was born in 1972, married to Talia, father of five and living with my family in Moshav Amirim in the Galilee, Israel.

Since 1988, basketball has been an inseparable part of my life. During my professional basketball years, I was a prominent player and reached exceptional achievements with various teams: The University of Connecticut, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Hapoel Yerushalaim, Hapoel Galil Elyon and the Israeli National team.

In 2002, following my diagnosis with cancer, I thoroughly changed my way of life on all levels: physically, mentally and spiritually. Today, I give talks and workshops that appeal to a wide range of audiences of all ages, in which I tell my life story and provide tools and tips for a more healthy, happy and balanced way of living.

In 2008, I was one of the founders and operators of "Value Sports" - a program to empower and impart values and virtues to coaches and players.

In 2011, I completed a personal and couple coaching course under the direction of Rabbi Yitzhak Arad

In 2012, Talia and I founded Hyuli, a natural health center.


​ In 2012 I completed a mediation course under the direction of Dr. David Silura

In 2013, I published my first autobiography, "Anani".

In 2017, I published my second book, "The Game of Life".

In 2022, my second book, "The Game of Life" was translated into English under the title: "Mensch. v. p. - becoming the most valuable player in the game of life"

In 2023 - Talia and I founded "From Grief to Growth" - a guided healing project for the victims of 7/10 and the war.

The Sheffer Way

Since I ended my professional basketball career, many diverse doors of activity and creativity have opened before me and through them, I spread and share my own unique views and beliefs.
During the past few years, I have been wearing many different hats: speaker, writer, workshop presenter, life coach and more. The people I meet are diverse and the ways through which I try to reach the hearts of my audiences are different. Still, the foundations that guide me and intentions that pulsate within me are one and the same: to be a source of inspiration and provide food for thought, as well as tips and tools that can help all and each and every one of us fulfill our potential and add goodness and peace to our world.
I believe in the goodness that’s inside us and in our world. I believe that when we work together, the sky is the limit.


The Basketball Game


For me, basketball was never just a game. It was THE game, the game of life. Life in all its glory appeared before me through basketball – successes and failures, expectations and disappointments, fears and hopes, sadness and joys.

I owe a great gratitude to the world of basketball, which brought many blessings to my life and became an inseparable part of who I am. It was a source of income and a way to experience special moments, and it allowed me to meet many special people who are dear to my heart.

Even if I believed differently in the past, today I know that the championships, trophies, titles and money were all nothing but bonuses. During the years, it became apparent that basketball is a wonderful gift that taught me a lot about life and myself, and helped me grow and evolve as a human being. Foundations and values I learned through the game, such as teamwork and collaboration, coping with crises and successes, determination and perseverance, joy and creativity, patience and faith – are useful to me even today and I apply them in all areas of my life.

After he retired from basketball, Michael Jordan said that for him, basketball was “a visa to the hearts of the people”. I feel the same.

Today, I use sports in general and basketball in particular as an educational and therapeutic tool, through which I try to touch the hearts of people and hope to have some positive impact on their lives. That is my way to try and add some goodness and peace to our world.

A correct and balanced use of the basketball game can help us win a much greater, more significant game than the one played on the basketball courts – the one I like to call the game of life.

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